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Top Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Aug 10, 2018

Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Starting to plan your wedding and wondering what are the reasons to hire a wedding planner? Don’t worry—you’re not alone! I get the questions a lot. “Why should I hire a wedding planner?”  “What exactly do you do for couples getting married?” And honesty, there’s not a short answer!

top reasons to hire a wedding planner

As a service-based provider, I do a lot of often intangible things for couples. It can be hard to understand what the reasons to hire a wedding planner are until you’re living through them.

If you’re trying to envision what a wedding planner does, think of an orchestra conductor. While the conductor isn’t playing any of the instruments, he or she is still an integral part in creating a beautiful melody of music, making sure that each musician knows when to play their piece in the overall arrangement.

Below are my top four reasons to hire a wedding planner for your big day!


Weddings are expensive! No matter your budget, you need to have a categorized spending plan ideally before booking any other vendors. One of the 1st items I tackle with couples is creating an itemized budget based on their preferences, guest count and overall spending plan.

Consider this: if you’ve never built a house, would you prefer to Google how much it should cost and how to do it? Or would you rather partner with a professional home builder to guide you throughout the process, recommend subcontractors and fabricators and oversee all the work?


Wedding planners get to know other professional vendors really well. We see the quality of their work first-hand, so we know what vendors offer the best experiences for the price.

Part of my role as your planner is matching your aesthetic, personality, and price point to the best vendor. Maybe there’s a new florist or photographer who’s flying under the radar or a recently-opened venue or linen supplier in town. I’m here to expose you to the best vendors for your unique event and manage them throughout the planning process.

top reasons to hire a wedding planner


Just as each musician plays his or her section of music, each vendor team is focused on their elements of the wedding. While the catering staff need a reception timeline, they aren’t concerned with the hair & makeup schedule. Similarly, your photographers may guide you on developing a shot list, but they won’t offer to diagram the reception hall.

All of those details are developed by your wedding planner and then distributed to the appropriate vendors.  On the big day, your planner is supporting all the vendors, making sure they’re running on schedule and cueing for all those important moments (like the processional, 1st dance and cake cutting!) throughout the wedding.


Even with a full team of professional vendors, there are always gaps in the execution! From stuffing invitations and managing the RSVP’s to setting up the welcome table and seating charts to collecting the gifts and leftover cake at the end of the night, your planner helps to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s” on the wedding day.

There are certainly thousands of logistics that go into planning every wedding! Due to this, planning often feels like a web of confusing jargon and overwhelming options for couples and their families. So, by hiring a wedding planner to guide you throughout the process, you, your fiancé and your families can really enjoy their engagement and celebrate with their guests on the wedding day!

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